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 Address information
Headoffice Ermelo
Fazantlaan 10
3852 AM Ermelo
The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 55 23 31 T
+31 (0)341 55 80 27 F E

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Rooting station Aalsmeer
Rietwijkeroordweg 40
1432 JE Aalsmeer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 64 08 480 T
+31 (0)20 64 08 481 F E

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Vacature - Bedrijfsleider/manager en Financieel administratief medewerker
Ter versterking zoeken wij een Bedrijfsleider/manager en een Financieel administratief medewerker 
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Let my introduce myself: John Kraan
I studied horticulture at university of Wageningen. I was researcher at the universities of Wageningen en Amsterdam and I worked for a breeding company. 
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Let me introduce myself: Dóra Szinay
Let me introduce myself: I am Dóra Szinay and come from an academic world where I learned genetics and plant breeding. 
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All about the Sunnies Collection
Check the website and read everything about this specialty. 
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